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Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Here at AEIO-U Can Speak! we would like to keep you in the loop with new teachers who have joined the team. Be assured that our teachers and tutors are well qualified for the job, and that is why we are eager to introduce them to you.

In fact, go ahead and click on their profile picture to watch their demo class!

Meet English/Spanish Tutor - Mr. Brian from Dominican Republic

"My name's Brian, and I was born and raised in the beautiful country of Dominican Republic. I've been learning English for almost two decades, and as a non-native speaker, I can with all confidence say that my English is fluent and natural. Along with that, I understand the difficulties of learning a new language, which makes me capable of adapting to what my student uniquely needs to reach their goals.

As a professional English teacher with over 6 years of experience with different resources and materials available that have proven effective, reliable, and successful in the English learning process of hundreds of students, I'll make absolutely sure you reach your goals!"

Meet German Tutor - Mr. Simon from Germany

"Hello, my name is Simon and I teach German with joy and passion. My origin is Germany but I grew up in Austria. That helped me to get to know different cultures and ways to think. I got passionate about teaching and started teaching my own mother language for fun and to help others.

The first time I started teaching in a refugee camp, to help people to get integrated into society. I figured out that not just learning, also teaching a new language can bring joy because you are able to make new connections and friendships.

Over several years I had the chance to work with children, teenagers, and adults and it was a pleasure to see how each one developed new language skills with joy and in a fun way. I am convinced that everybody can master to learn a new language, although we are all different in the way we learn. If you desire to open your world and if you are ready to discover a new culture, I will welcome you in my online classes."

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