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Here at AEIO-U Can Speak! we would like to keep you in the loop with new teachers who have joined the team. Be assured that our teachers and tutors are well qualified for the job, and that is why we are eager to introduce them to you.

In fact, go ahead and click on their profile picture to watch their demo class!

Meet English/Spanish Tutor - Ms. Andrea from the U.S.

"I teach English and it is such a wonderful experience because I get to learn about my student's cultures. Learning should be something you enjoy. My goal is that my students not only enjoy learning, but will feel like they have learned something valuable after every lesson."

Meet ASL Tutor - Mr. Anirban from India

"Growing up deaf in India seems like a challenging situation but it gave me the opportunity to meet people and learn languages, becoming a catalyst to look beyond my own back yard. With ASL as my ally, I have traveled the world, meeting new friends and making memories along the way. I don’t miss sound because I don’t really know what it’s like. But I want you to understand the beauty of silence- so I’ll share my gift and introduce you to a whole other world where what you see is more than enough! Let’s start this journey together!"

Meet English Tutor - Mr. Claudio from Portugal

"My name is Claudio, I’m Portuguese born and raised. I have a TEFL CAMBRIDGE certification which was taken in 2018 and since then I’ve been teaching English remotely, to students of different ages and backgrounds, whether their goal is starting from the very beginning or perfecting their English for work or IELTS exam. Even if you have a specific need that needs to be met I’ll tailor the lesson so that you can progress at your own pace. I love learning and teaching. I’m looking forward to seeing you in my classes. Book a lesson and come onboard"

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